Rudraksha Mala Kyanite Lapis MT376


An usual and very beautiful mala from Divine Goddess.  Using 108 beads, the sacred and power number.  This mala will calm your mind and cool the body.  Used as a tool for japa meditation, the repeated use of sound (mantra) as a tool for setting the mind at rest.  Practice makes perfect in this type of work so best to have a stunning mala to work with.

Rudraksha Seeds are grown on the sacred Rudraksha tree found in India and many parts of Asia.  They promote compassion and understanding.  The contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

The Rudraksha Seeds blesses the wearer with peace of mind and prosperity.  They can help to protect the wearer against negative forces.

Kyanite is a rare and beautiful stone.  It is the stone of spiritual awareness and communication.  This stone strenthens the throat and third eye chakras.  It calms anger and hopelessness.  Reflecting and sharing the light, a magical stone.

Lapis Lazuli, the deep blue stone of this mala helps to enhance personal expression, creativity and insight.  It is valued by seeks of truth for its ability to quiet and purify the mind.  It is associated with truthfulness, openness, love and integrity in relationships.  Can help with urinary tract problems.

Aquamarine is the light blue stone in this mala.  This stone can help to reduce feelings of embarrassment.  It stengthens optimism and the ability to express yourself.  It can help to eliminate irrational fears which is a great feeling.  Sharpens mental purity and is very calming.

The golden beads on this mala are 22 ct gold over sterling silver.

A dainty and delightful piece of spiritual jewellery.  The blue thread and blue tassel are deeply divine and most unusual.  A beloved piece for the lucky owner!!


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