Ocean Love MT375-LPT


Another very beautiful Rudraksha Mala from our friends in Bali, Aum Rudraksha.  These beauties hand make all of our stunning Rudraksha Malas and create these beautiful pieces of Sacred Jewellery for us.

We love the Semi Precious Gemstones used in this Mala.  They are Flourite, Amazonite and Green Agate.

The Flourite is a stunning stone that is highly protective and helps us to achieve stability within..  it is very useful for grounding ourselves when this is needed and for harmonising spiritual energy.  Flourite is also thought to help us increase intuitive abilitys and to link the mind to the universal consciousness.

Amazonite is also a stunning stone.  It heals the Throat Chakra to help us with communication.  This stone also assists us in alleviating muscle cramps and muscular spasms.  It can also strengthen the nervous system.

We love Green Agate as Agate cleans the aura and helps us to harmonise body, mind and spirit.  It assists us in thinking clearly and awakens us to our inner self.

Hand made on the Island of the Gods, it brings peace and love to yourself and therefore all around you.


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