Shining Light MT372-LPT


A beautiful creation from our friends at Aum Rudraksha on our beloved Island of the Gods, Bali.  These sweet people manufacture these amazing Rudraksha Malas by hand with love and light.

We adore the golden mix of Semi Precious Gemstones created in this Rudraksha Mala.

Carnelian is the orange stone and is the stone that helps us to create happiness and can bring with it emotional balance.  The Carnelian stone can help us to focus the mind and to help us in decision making when we are unsure.  It supports the healthy function of the spleen and the kidneys.

Amber is the light yellow stone and is fossilised tree sap that has taken millions of years to solidify and form this stunning Gemstone.  Amber helps us to pacify the mind and to protect us from mental imbalance.  It also helps us to find good health and eliminate throat problems.  This stone can also help us to find an active memory and guard against memory loss.

We have manufactured 24ct Gold Beads that are beautiful.  These are plated over Sterling Silver and shine their golden light alongside these beautiful Rudraksha Seeds.

108 beads combine to bring the sacred number of peace and tranquility to you now


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