Chakra Wonder Gold MT351-LOG1


This is a stunning Rudraksha Mala that focuses on the Chakra Points of the body.  These energy centres work towards aligning and opening all of your Energy Points in the body.

Once these are aligned you are able to move smoothly and freely through life.

We have included a 24Ct Gold Plated Ohm Symbol for you.  The Ohm is the sacred sound of the universe and we adore the magical energy it brings to this mala.

The Semi Precious Gemstones we have used in this mala for you are Carnelian, Amber, Clear Quartz Crystal, Amythyst, Garnet and Amythyst.

When worn in combination like this there is a full and potent magic in this mala.

We have created this mala with 108 beads as this is the perfect number for meditation and chanting.

Use this now and forever be awakened!


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