Chakra is Love MT351-6LPT Tabur


This beautiful Rudraksha Mala from our beloveds at Aum Rudraksha in Bali serves to align and open the Chakra Points of the body.

We know these energy points are not only powerful but incredibly important and this Mala is the perfect tool to help you find balance with them.

We have combined a myriad of Semi Precious Gemstones that represent the 7 Chakra Points of the body and these Semi Precious Gemstones are.  Clear Quartz Crystal, Amythyst, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Amber, Garnet and the Turquoise stone at the bottom represents the self.

Turquoise is the stone that destroys hatred and increases love.  It protects the wearer on a journey or adventure and is the most beautiful shade of deep blue.

We created this beloved Rudraksha Mala by hand, hand knotting each and every Rudraksha Seed so that the energy remains within and builds as you wear it.

Take it out into the garden on the full moon and give it a very sweet cleanse.  Perfect for nearly everyone


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