Chakra Blessings MT351-2LR


Another beautiful Rudraksha Mala from our friends Aum Rudraksha in Bali, the Island of the Gods.

All the Semi Precious Gemstones used here serve to open and align the Chakra Points of the body.  These Semi Precious Gemstones are Clear Quartz Crystal, Amythyst, Rose Quartz, Peridot,amber and Garnet.  As a combination these are a powerful and beautiful tool for inner transformation.

This beautiful Mala was made totally by hand.  Each and every Rudraksha Seed was hand knotted.  This not only makes the Mala incredibly strong it also helps to contain your energy and feel it grow as time moves forward with your Mala.

Wear this Mala when asking for inner balance, feel the Chakra Points align and open.  We adore to practice yoga and this Mala will help the balance between life and work.



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