Glorious Light MT344-LPO


Another beautiful Rudraksha Mala just for you to shine your light!

We have chosen to use Clear Quartz Crystal in this mala as this stone helps us to access feelings that ly just below the surface and are not always easy to allow.  Clear Quartz Crystal will become your best friend and awaken feelings of light and love.

Rudraksha Seeds are the Sacred Seed that have been used for centuries for meditation and Japa Mantra chanting.  There are 108 beads on this mala as that is the magic number.

Created by hand in Bali, the Island of the Gods, we know that you will love this Mala as much as we do.

A Sterling Silver Ohm Pendant sits at the bottom of this mala and brings with it the healing properties of the vibration that is Ohm.  Everyone can make this sound so everyone can work on themselves from the inside out.

Take this home today and watch the world smile!


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