Rose Heart MT311-LP


This is a utterly stunning Rudraksha Mala from our friends in Bali, Aum Rudraksha.  Yogis have used the Sacred Seed Rudraksha for centuries to aid in meditation and chanting assistance.  We hand knot each and every Rudraksha Seed and Semi Precious Gemstone.  This gives a greater ability to share the energy and makes these malas so very strong.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love.  It helps us to open the heart and heal wounds of the heart.  It opens the heart chakra.  This delightful pink heart has been hand faceted to create this shape.

The light green Peridot stone is the stone of relationships.  This stone alleviates jealousy, hatred and resentment.  Peridot is good for the kidneys and the liver and helps to reduce asthma.

Clear Quartz Crystal is a great stone for accessing feelings which lie just below the surface.  This is a harmonious stone and can help us to create spiritual wisdom insight and clarity.

Wear this stunning Rudraksha Mala and feel the sweetness of life.  Hand made on the Island of the Gods for you with love and light


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