Yellow Pearl MT281-LP


Rudraksha Beads are grown on a sacred tree, the Rudraksha Tree. They are known as 'the tears of Shiva'. They help us to attain compasision and they awaken patience and kindness in the wearer. They are thought to be the tears of Shiva, after he danced and created the universe. He had so much compassion for the people of the planet that he cried tears of compassion and as they hit the ground, they crystallised into seeds for these beloved trees.

Pearls are the stones that represent purity. They also reminds us about sincerity. They also signify clarity and wisdom, helping us to grow and maintain these wonderful attributes. The Pearl enhances personal integrity and help us to focus our attention on the mattter at hand. Pearls have been known to increase fertility and they have also been known to assist in childbirth. Worthy attributes for a Divine Goddess.

All of our malas are strung by hand and each and every Rudraksha Seed and gemstone are hand knotted between each one. The quality of these knot placements is very high as it is extremely difficult to place the knots exactly next to each stone and seed. We take the time to train and teach our delightful manufacturers how to place the knots so very closely.

We always use 108 beads in our malas as this is the magical and divine number of beads to awaken the heart and the perfect count for mantra chanting.

Our malas are blessed by the highest priest in Bali, Indonesia where they are manufactured and we feel sure you will love this mala once it arrives to you.

Happy chanting xx


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