Golden Dreams MT266-LR


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This is a very beautiful combination of Semi Precious Gemstones and the Sacred Seed Rudraksha.

We have created this beautiful mala for you by hand in Bali, the Island of the Gods.

The large Rudraksha at the bottom serves as the self, bringing peace within and abundance in balance and feelings of serenity.

The Carnelian stone, the orange stone is the stone of happiness and joy.   It helps us to focus our minds and can help in decision making when necessary.

The Garnet stone is the dark red stone.  This is the stone of passion.  This stone promotes vigor and vitality and is often thought to be a sexual stimulant.  Garnet invigorates the blood system and the heart.

Amber, the light orange stone is truly beautiful.  This stone dispels black magic and evil spirits.    It helps to protect you from health and throat problems.  It helps to lift the wearers heaviness of burdens and strengthens the heart.

Clear Quartz Crystal is the transparent stone that helps us to access buried feelings and release them.  This is perfect for situations where you are really not sure what you feel or your opinion about the situation.

We know this stunning piece of Spiritual Jewellery will serve you well.  Created with love and light for all of you in Bali by our beautiful friends, Aum Rudraksha.


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