Rudraksha Mala Rose Quartz Gold


Another beautiful Rudraksha Mala necklace we are proud to offer from Divine Goddess. All of our malas are strung with 108 beads. This is an age old and traditional number of beads to use when stringing a mala. 108 is a highly powerful and extremely protective number. It looks after the wearer as well as empowers them.

Rudraksha Seeds are grown on the sacred Rudraksha tree found in India and Asian countries. This seed grows inside a blue fruit and produces the whole we thread them through naturally. They are known as the 'Gem of all Beads'.

Lord Shiva is thought to have meditated on the welfare of mankind and was brought to tears by our unconscious actions. When his tears hit the earth they crystallised to form these beloved trees.

Rudraksha Seeds contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.

They are cooling to the skin and soothing to the nervous system. They increases the clarity of the mind and free us from negative thought. They can increase stamina and aid in the growth of energy.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. Light pink in colour it is a beautiful stone. This stone will serve to open the heart and enhances creativity. Rose Quartz is beneficial in healing a broken heart and soothing emotional wounds. Also very beneficial to the circulatory system and aids in relieving anxiety.

The golden beads in the mala are 22 ct gold over sterling silver. This is a divine look for this precious mala. When combined the Rose Quartz, gold and the Rudraksha seeds strung on the white thread with a white tassel dance and sing to the light.

Wear this with love in your heart and the gods and goddesses will sing and dance!!


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