We are proud and pleased to bring to you the work and light that arrives with the Rudraksha Mala. Strung with 108 beads, this is a powerfully protective piece of jewellery.

The Rudraksha Seed has been traditionally used by yogis through the ages to calm the mind through the process of japa yoga, mantra repetition. Using a sound repeatedly will over time calm the mind and thus bring feelings of calm and light filled love. A quiet mind is the general aim of yoga and mantra helps us to reach this golden aim.

Using Clear Quartz Crystal to bring the light and love into the wearers world. These Clear Quartz Crystal gemstone are spaced 27 beads apart on this mala. 27 is half of 54 and 54 is half of 108. This makes it possible to keep count without using your mind to do so. Divine and delightful. Taking the thinking out of the mind is also the benefit of yoga.

Rudraksha seeds are known as the 'tears of Shiva'. When the god meditated on the welfare of mankind he cried tears of compassion. When these tears landed upon the earth they grew the Rudraksha Trees from the spot. These trees grow blue fruit which hold the rudraksha seed. These seeds form the hole we thread them in naturally, a remarkable and durable seed.

Quartz Crystal is beneficial in the treatment of headaches and can assist with feelings of dizziness. Bringing light into the world and love into the heart.

The golden beads on this mala are 22 ct gold over sterling silver. Making it possible to obtain the benefits of gold without the huge cost.

We love and adore to wear the Rudraksha Mala. The tradition and elegance of yogs is visible and endures the test of time. Mantra chanting or protecting the heart and soul, up to you.

Love your life, love your yoga


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