Sacred Lava MT188-Lava


Yogis have used malas for centuries to firstly count the mantra they are reciting and secondly as protection for the spirit.

We use the sacred Rudraksha Seed which is grown on the sacred Rudraksha Tree.  These are found in India and many parts of Asia.  The seeds grow inside a blue fruit and form the holes in the centre naturally.  We find the most evenly shaped Rudraksha Seeds to use for our malas and work with heart and love on each and every one.

These seeds are known as The Tears of Shiva.  It is thought that when Lord Shiva danced and created the universe he cried tears of compassion for mankind.  When these tears arrived on earth they crystallised to form the trees, the Rudraksha Trees.   It is further believed that these seeds will help us to create and maintain compassion.  The Rudraksha Seeds will also help us to assimilate nutrients and cool the body and calm the nervous system.

There are 108 beads on each and every mala.  Most philosophies consider this to be a powerful number and protective.

The lava for this mala is brought from Mt Agung in Bali, Indonesia.  Lava is a very powerful stone.  It is often used by American Indians when entering battle for providing them with strength and clarity.  It can increase physical strength and mental strength when the wearer is facing difficult situations.

Each and every bead has been hand knotted between the other.  This creates a feeling of the heart and will welcome the wearers energy.  Wear this mala with love in your heart and you will have it returned in kind!!

Love this divine and sacred work of art.


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