Rudraksha Mala Pearl Crystal Love


Sweet and simple best describes this divine piece of spiritual jewellery. Strung with care and love by skilled artisans. This mala is hand knotted and of a very high quality. The white thread and tassel conducts the light and brings the benefits of light work directly to the heart.

Clear Quartz crystals are shaped into perfect balls of light. These reflect and hold the light beautifully. Quartz Crystal increases spiritual wisdom and increases the wearers ability to have clarity of thought. It can help with increasing intuition and to amplify the power of prayers. Clear Quartz is good for the treatment of headaches, dizziness and general pain relief.

Pearls are the stone of purity. Light filled and love filled. Pearls can enhance personal integrity and helps to focus the wearers attention. Pearls have been known to increase fertility and to ease the burden of childbirth. They can increase physical vitality.

When combined with the Rudraksha, Clear Quartz and Pearls we have a very special mala that will be loved for many years to come. Are you the lucky goddess?

Love your life, love your yoga

Divine Goddess


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