Pearl Disc MT135-L


This 108 Rudraksha Seed Mala is truly divine.  We have hand knotted each and every seed to make this not only strong but able to contain and cultivate your energy as the wearer.

Yogis have used malas as a meditational tool for centuries.  It is the 108 beads that are the magic number.

We love the Pearl discs that we use in this mala.  Pearls are thought to be the stone of purity and sincerity.  We love their luminous qualities and their magic.  Pearls can ease childbirth and increase fertility.

We have included the beloved Carnelian stone on either side of the Pearls.  Carnelian is the stone of joy and happiness.  This stone can aid in our decision making and help us to think clearly.  This stone can also assist us in moving through feelings of loneliness and depression.

Wear this mala with the tassel hanging low or nestled around your neck.

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