P Mantra Om Shanti Silver


In Sanskrit Shanti means peace, sweet peace. This mantra is to bring peace to any endeavour you wish to conduct. Peace of mind, peace of spirit and peace for all beings. This pendant hangs from a link behind the pendant. A silver stopper allows the pendant to be worn in varying places. A delightful and simple piece of spiritual jewelry. You are most welcome to wear it high at the throat for close living or have it dangle down lower the torso to keep the peace within.

This is a hand made 925 Sterling Silver pendant and we lov the intention and design that has gone into it. Beloved and practical work.

Mantra, or divine speech, has been used for centuries as a way to focus the mind, expand one's awareness and evoke transformative powers. This Mantra Mandala is designed to spin freely on any chain allowing it to be used both as a guide for recited mantra and as a prayer wheel, releasing its intention with every revolution.

We love to call for peace for all beings. Om Shanti is a vibrational call and everyone can make this sound happen and thus create the vibration for all mankind and lets not forget the animals. They deserve peace as well.

Share the gift of peace today with yourself and all of those around you.


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