P Lokah Mantra


Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everwhere attain

Freedom and Happiness

Pronounced: loka sma-sta suki-no bav-an-too

Part of the longer mantra chanted at the close of Ashtanga yoga practices.  This is a beautiful way to remind yogis that yoga is practiced not for the self but to bring peace to all beings - that by being our best selves, we benefit all others and reach our highest state of consciousness.  By all beings we include animals, everyone, humans and animals deserve to feel good and to live in the light!

Use this Mantra Mandala to share light and love with all.

Mantra, or divine speech, has been used for centures as a way to focus the mind, expand one's awareness and evoke tranformative powers.  This mantra pendant we have designed like a prayer wheel.  We feel that as the mantra pendant hangs and spins on the cord the blessings and the abundance of the mantra will transform onto the wearer.  How totally divine and delicious.  We have placed the mantra in English on one side of the circular pendant and then the sacred power of the Sanskrit language on the other side.  This is so lovely, you are sure to be taken with it once you see it!

We have used 925 sterling silver for this pendant.  Hand made with love and light.  We have also included a sterling silver stopper on the cord so that you can decide what height to wear your pendant.  At the throat one day and down the tummy or torso the next.  Up to you to choose, always offering you the choice for it is up to you to make your life happen!


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