TPE Eco Mat Blue


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Colour: Blue

We are pleased as punch and oh so excited to bring to you our new range of beloved TPE Yoga Mats by Divine Goddess.   These mats are Eco friendly.  By that we mean that they are manufactured from recycled TPE (thermoplasticelastomer).  Thee mats contain no PVC, PBA or Phylatates.  They are Dioxins free and also contain no latex or rubber.

Dimensions 183cm x 61cm x 5mm

But best of all these mats are biodegradable.  This means that after you have lived your life with your best friend, your yoga mat you can bury these mats underground and they will dissolve.  This means that the land fills around the world will breathe a sigh of relief with this style of mat from Divine Goddess.

This is wonderful for the environment and planet earth.  We are doing all we can to produce ranges of products here at Divine Goddess that walk lightly upon the earth.  We feel these mats are just the style and look we are happy to present to you.

As you all know, we also value beauty at Divine Goddess and these mats certainly fit the bill here.  A beautiful blue one side, black the other.  These two colours combine to leave you with a delightful and very pretty yoga mat.  We love having the choice of two colours to practice on.  One day feel for turquoise, the next deep down in black.

We have imprinted our most beloved lotus flower at the top of these mats and this is another beautiful feature.  Its hard to ask for me than the new TPE Yoga Mats from Divine Goddess.

5mm thick, these mats provide a good cushioning.  61cm wide and 178cm long.  Perfect any way you look at it. 

Lastly, these mats weight less than 1 kilo.  This allows us to post these mats to you quickly and easily.  More and more reasons to bring one home today.

Enjoy yours now.

61cm x 183cm x 5mm

Weight 1 kilo

Created from recycled plastics

Embossed with our Divine Goddess Lotus Flower

Wrapped in plant based cellophane

two layers that are both perfect for practice

heat pressed together so we use no glue

no nasty chemicals or philates used in the TPE Eco Mat


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