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Mat Navy Ohm

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We are pleased to present a new and always beautiful yoga mat from Divine Goddess.  The Navy Blue Ohm Mat is divine in design and strong in performance.

Manufactured from our 6.4mm mats.  These mats will provide excellent cushioning and durable performance.  This is the perfect mat for someone that wants beauty and abundance in their lives but likes to practice strong and regularly.  We feel that yoga is one of the greatest gifts we can offer the planet and we would like our products to reflect that beauty.

6.4mm is thick and long lasting.  The deep navy blue is luscious and will appeal to most devoted yogis.

We love to chant OHM and feel sure that the magical vibration that is created when you chant OHM will join you in your practice.  OHM is one of the earliest sounds and the deepest vibrations.  Anyone can make the sound of OHM and all beings can relish the safety and sanctity that comes with practice over time.

Working from the inside out, OHM is the call of the universe.  Practice this chant and the planet will breathe a sigh of relief.  If the planet breathes a sigh of relief imagine how wonderful you will feel too!  There is every reason to skip off to class with one of these beauties under your arm or safely tucked inside one of our beloved Yoga Mat Bags.

We love yoga and we love the beauty and calm that it brings to our lives.  Join us in the light and on the mat and feel the blessed vibration for yourself. 

Navy blue mat with turquoise OHM.  The colours work to instill goodness in every soul.  Now is the time to go inward and say thank you.

The dimensions of this mat are 61cm  x 178cm and 6.4mm thick.

Perfect in every way!!!

0 out of 5 stars (1)
  • sticky mat?

    Hello, I would like to purchase this mat but can you tell me if its one of those sticky mats? I don't like the sticky ones?

    By: Jo on | Was this helpful?   (53/53)
    Staff Reply
    Its a PVC mat , they are non slip but not sticky
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