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Yoga Mat Bags

Mat Bag Lotus Ohm Black Gold

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We love the shiny gold nature of the foil we use for these prints.  It looks divine and represents the beauty that we see our yoga practice is in every day.

Shining from the inside whilst shining on the outside.  That is yoga to us.

We have used 100% cotton for these Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags.  This allows them to be washed and used well.  Perfect for travel to and from class or just as good at home taking care of your best friend, your yoga mat.

The Lotus Flower reminds us that we are searching for the light.  Yoga helps us to inhabit and dance in the light.  Why not be like the lotus flower and rise towards the sunshiney state we find so settling and tranquil.

We designed this lotus flower with love in mind and originality in our hearts.  All of our Divine Goddess prints are created by sweet artists that work with us on every design from beginning to end.  You will only find our designs here at Divine Goddess.

We placed a pocket on the side of our Yoga Mat Bags that fits perfectly one of our beloved Divine Goddess Eye Pillows.  This pocket will also hold your wallet and keys if you prefer.

We have used an adjustable clip on the strap of this bag.  We believe yogis come in all different shapes and sizes so we would like everyone to be able to use this bag so well.

Join us in the quest for the light and treating your mat well.

Perfect on the outside as we strive to make it just right on the inside.

Now is the time!!!

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