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Yoga Mat Bags

Mat Bag Lilac Lotus

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Lilac and Lotus begin with L and so does LOVE! We LOVE this new colour of Yoga Mat Bag from Divine Goddess!


This is a very new and delicious colour from Divine Goddess for their Yoga Mat Bags.  We feel that this shade is unusual and represents very well just how beautiful it can be to practice yoga regularly and with devotion.

The Lilac fabric is 100% cotton and is strong and sturdy.  We have adorned this Yoga Mat Bag with our traditional Lotus Flower in a deep purple and the piping around the pocket matches this colour.  Striking and yet so functional we dont know how you could go past this divine piece of art work.

We have included a pocket on the side that perfectly fits one of our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows or your wallet and keys whilst class is on.  On the pocket flap we have placed the symbol of Ohm as we know how magical it is to work the magic from the inside out!  Ohm is the symbol that represents the divine vibration that is caused when we make this sound.  This is accessible for all of us and we love to place the symbol Ohm wherever we can!

The strap we have made adjustable as we know there are many different types of yogis in this world and all of them like to practice yoga but not all are the same shape and size.  This way it is possible to use this Yoga Mat Bag in any situation and in any place, day or night!  Slip it over your shoulder and head off to class on your bike or pop it beside you as you drive your way to class.

The Lotus Flower represents new beginnings and we know that they are all just around the corner.  Use this bag as a reminder that new beginnings are within all of us and we can make them happen ourselves.

LOVE xxx

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