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Yoga Mat Bags

Mat Bag Burgundy Shiva Mandala

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We are so happy to bring to you our newest shade of Divine Burgundy in our beloved Yoga Mat Bags!

This is a stunning and rich colour in 100% cotton, designed to hold your best friend, your yoga mat


We adore our newest shade of Divine Burgundy for our Yoga Mat Bags.

We have created a new style to join the Divine Goddess family.  100% cotton allows the heat to move freely through the yoga mat bag and for the feeling of natural fibres to sit against the skin whilst you are carrying it.

We also adore the Shiva Mandala we have worked so hard to create for you!  This golden foil print is truly remarkable and looks utterly delicious when used in this medium!  The Golden Foil nature of this print shows how remarkable a mandala can look and reminds us that Yoga is one of the royal pursuits of mankind!

Shiva is the creator, the destroyer and the all magnificent!  How delightful to be reminded of this when holding your yoga mat!

We have placed a pocket on the side that perfectly fits out Divine Goddess Eye Pillows or your keys and wallets whilst you are in class.   We have adorned this pocket with the Ohm symbol, again in golden foil.  Perfect for remembering that the energy comes from within!

The strap is adjustable so all sizes and types of yogis can use this bag.  Make it just the right length for yourself.  It can fit to the body so very well

Enjoy now for your time in the sun!

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