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Yoga Mat Bags

Mat Bag Blue Buddha

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The Buddha embodies all that is calm and peaceful.  Yoga is a practice that brings us towards these feeling of peace and tranquility.  We like to be reminded of this and our yoga mat bag adorned with Buddha is a very sweet and practical reminder.  The deep blue of the yoga mat bag combined with the turquoise of our Buddha print and the piping make this a very pretty and wholesame Yoga Mat Bag.  We love the energy created by this divine and practical piece of beauty from Divine Goddess Yoga Products.

Navy blue with turquoise piping, this is a beautiful yoga mat bag.  100% cotton and manufactured by hand.  Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags are strong and beautiful.  They will fit most yoga mats very easily. 

An adjustable strap allows this bag to be suitable for most body types and sizes.  The pocket on the side will carry one of our magical Eye Pillows or your keys and wallet.  The symbol of ohm is sitting sweetly on the flap of the pocket.

Yoga is a beautiful practice.  Doesnt it make sense to have yoga products that reflect this beauty?  We think so.

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