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Yoga Mat Bags

Mat Bag Black Foil Lotus

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We love the practice of yoga.  We feel it is a sacred and traditonal path.  At Divine Goddess we want our yoga products to reflect the beauty that yoga is.  We have designed this yoga mat bag with just these thoughts in mind.

Manufactured from 100% cotton and deep black in colour.  The pocket on the side will hold our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows or your keys and wallet.  The strap is fully adjustable to allow all shapes and sizes of yogis to feel comfortable with our bag.  This is a wonderful Yoga Mat Bag to take on your bike with you as you cycle to class.  Just as at home in your car as you zip towards the happiest moment of your day, your meeting with your beloved mat in yoga!!

The lotus flower symbolises new beginnings.  The lotus flower rises from the murky depths of the pond.  Rising towards the light and the clarity of the peaceful mind  Golden foil, this print is truly beautiful.  This new technology we are using for our yoga mat bags is lovely and so stunning.  The foil of this bag will draw you in and remind you of one thing, all women are a Divine Goddess!!  Perfect and magical work!!  A divine bag for any yoga mat bag to reside in.

You are welcome to wash this Yoga Mat Bag is you need to and it will truly stand the test of time.


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