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Yoga Mat Bags

Mat Bag Black Dorje

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This is our first Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bag with a Tibetan Dorje depicted on it.  Luscious golden foil sits so comfortably atop the black 100% cotton we use to manufacture these bags.

All Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags are hand made with love and light.

We adore the feeling and symbolism of the Dorje on the black fabric.  Golden, shining and creating love and light.

The Dorje depicts the male principle of Tibetan mytholody.  It is known as the 'diamond mind of enlightenment.  It is so hard that it is able to pierce through all illusions and deceits and arrive at the point of truth in its two forms.  The Dorje represents two truths.  One used for everyday life and one which reveals absolute truth, thus revealing the inner layer of all os us.    The lotus in the centre represent the Fiva Buddha families, the five elements. 

The Dorje is considered the ultimate spiritual weapon in that it is used to banish the forces of darkness, ignorance and disharmony with its power of lightning and truth.

Use this Yoga Mat Bag from Divine Goddess well and the light and truth will stay with you.

We have placed a pocket on the side that can comfortably hold one of our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows or encase your wallet and keys.  Up to you.

The strap is adjustable so we love that too and so will you.

Enjoy now whilst we still have stock



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