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Yoga Mat Bags

Mat Bag Black Bracelet

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Another new style of Yoga Mat Bag design to join the Divine Goddess family!

Beauty and function meet at the centre and we couldnt be happier xx


We love to practice yoga and we know that yoga is one of the most magical things we do every day and every week of our lives.  We recognise that this is a magical pursuit and we would like our yoga products to reflect that beauty!

It is with this in mind that we created our divine range of Yoga Mat Bags for you and we have pleasure in presenting another new style of Yoga Mat Bag!

The bracelet design is an original piece of artwork that we commissioned by our skilled and talented group of local artists!

The golden foil medium we have chosen for this design is truly magnificent.  It quite clearly reflects the utter beauty that is our yoga practice.

We have wrapped this design around the entirety of the Yoga Mat Bag and for that reason we have no pocket on this bag!

The fabric is 100% cotton and the black design is stunning.

We have made the strap adjustable so that all sizes and styles of yogis can use this bag.  We know that big or small you all would like to have a beautiful yoga mat bag that you can sling over your shoulder and head off to class.

See you soon for some loving in the light xxx

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