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Silver jewelry

Mandala Filigree

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A delicate piece of the sweetest nature.  We love to see what work the yogi silversmiths can do for us.  With yoga in the heart and quality in the fingers it is always a source of happiness and joy to wear our beloved Silver Jewellery.

Highest quality 925 sterling silver.  This pendant is made by hand by skilled craftsmen. We love the way it is possible for the thread to loop through this pendant, allowing it to hang and sit so gently against the body.

Mandalas are a gateway to a peaceful mind.  Learning to concentrate and clear the mind takes time.  Mandalas are a tool to help you on this path. We also love the combination of a mandala and the lotus flower.  The Lotus Flower reminds us that new beginnings are always just a step away.  Wear this pendant and remember that it is up to us to make new beginnings happen and flourish.  This is a very heart felt piece of silver jewellery.

This unusual and hand made piece of jewellery is hung on leather cord with a sterling silver stopper to hold the pendant in place.  This stopper is moveable so the pendant can be worn at different heights.  You are welcome to have the lotus mandala sitting at the throat or hanging low for a different feel and look.  A delightful addition to your life.

We take the time and patience to source and create for you the highest quality and sweetest jewellery we can find.  We know that yoga has a huge impact on your state of mind and general well being.  We make sure that all jewellery designed and hand crafted for Divine Goddess reflect that beauty and intention.

Now is the time to see for yourself.  Enjoy this divine piece of spiritual art!

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