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Full Length Yoga Pants

Lovely Laura's Leggings Full Length Trim

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These are one of the most comfortable pants in our family. Lovely Laura sure does like to wear leggings. She love to practice yoga as well. We find that Laura is one of the most fussy people we know in regards to yoga clothing. But she loves our leggings and we are happy she does.


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Black/Gold trim
Purple/Purple trim

Manufactured from the softest rayon lycra.  This fabric is derived from the cotton plant.  This allows the fabric to have excellent stretch and strength.  The feeling is soft on the skin whilst holding you in all the right places.

The trim around the ankle is our new original design.  Stunningly beautiful without detracting from your practice.  We offer these pants in black and purple and the trim combination on both is truly beautiful.

These leggings are suitable for most styles of yoga practice and nearly all other exercise styles.

We have included the diamond crotch feature which gives a greater opportunity for stretch and movement without placing too much pressure on the Lovely Laura's Leggings.  We know that these are some of the most comfortable and good looking leggings on the market.

Wash them in the machine and they will wear well.  We do not recommend to use a clothes dryer on any of our Divine Goddess clothing.  This will surely shorten the life of any clothing.

Designed with love and with you, the yogis in mind.  Love these pants half as much as we do and you will be happy.

Love your life, love your yoga!!!

0 out of 5 stars (1)
  • extra small

    Do you have extra small full leggings? thanks

    By: nori on | Was this helpful?   (55/59)
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