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Full Length Yoga Pants

Lovely Laura's Leggings Full Length Gold Lillies

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Divine Goddess brings to you our newest style in our Full Length Lovely Laura's Leggings collection! Natural fibre and full of love


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We adore to practice yoga in Leggings.  They are comfortable and perfect for a strong yoga practice.

We have created these Yoga Leggings using our very own weave of Rayon Lycra.  This is a natural fibre that can handle a strong yoga practice.  Developed over time and being formulated from wood pulp these Leggings are utterly comfortable and so very divine!

We have included the diamond crotch feature so that movement is possible without any tension on these pants.  We know that all of us that practice yoga move and breathe as much as we can!  These leggings will allow this ease of movement without any pulling or grabbing in the crotch and we all love that.

The golden lillies we created with our Divine Goddess artist.  An original piece of art work that is stunning to behold.

The feel of these pants against the skin is wonderful.  So many customers come back for more pairs and we are sure you will too once you try these divine pants on!

Please feel free to wash in the machine on a cold wash but please line dry under the suns rays.  We dont love the effect of machine driers on our clothing.  They shorten the life of a garment and with styles as beautiful as these we know that you will want these Lovely Laura's Leggings to last as long as they can!


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