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3/4 Length Yoga Pants

Lovely Laura's Legging 3/4 Lotus

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These have got to be the most comfortable leggings we have ever tried. Fabulous, fantastic pants. Made from rayon lycra, a natural fabric that moves and breathes with you. The leggings feel incredibly soft to wear. Almost like a second skin, that hugs you.

These pants will not pill or make knees when you are wearing them. Leggings like these are wonderful to wear, truly a joy. We cannot say enough about how great these pants are to wear.


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Navy Blue

The lotus on the bottom is sweet and subtle.  The lotus flower symbolises new beginnings.  Opening the heart and living with trust.  Rising towards the light of love and truth, the lotus flower reminds us that with a little hard work we can all dance in the sweetest light that is true existence.  We love this!!

We manufacture our beloved Rayon Lycra for each and every pair of Lovely Laura's Leggings we make.  This ensures that all of our Divine Goddess clothing is individual and original.  We also hand dye each roll of fabric to make sure that each colour is deep and luscious and deserving of a Divine Goddess such as yourself!.

We offer these Lovely Laura's Leggings in the shades of Black, Navy Blue, Purple, Grey, Chocolate and Burgundy.  Divine and sweet and fantastically comfortable.

We have included the diamond crotch feature in every pair of pants.  This gives a greater ability to move and stretch which is what we are looking for when we are practicing yoga.  We want confidence on and off the mat when we practice in Divine Goddess Yoga Clothing and you can be sure you will receive that when you practice in our Lovely Laura's Leggings!

We designed these leggings with our friend Laura in mind.  She loves to wear leggings and loves to practice yoga.  She wears our leggings to yoga practice all around the world.  We love Laura and her leggings, they are both lovely.

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