Lovebirds Pendant


This is a very beautiful and hand worked piece from Divine Goddess. The Lovebirds signify that we are all capable of meeting and continuing relationship with our Lovebird of choice. Whether it be lover or true friend. The Lovebirds face each other day in, day out. Taking care of the heart of each other and providing love and support when and where it is needed.

The stunning pendant is made from 925 sterling silver. Skilled artisans work tirelessly on this piece until it is just right and shining from within. We feel happy to offer this pendant strung of faux leather. We dont see the need to use actual leather on our pieces of jewellery. A sterling silver stopper allows the wearer to take this pendant to choker length or to hang further down the chest. You can change which height you like to wear this pendant at day after day.

We give a percentage of the profits from the sale of this pendant to help firstly build a school and then maintain it in Indonesia for children who would otherwise not receive an education. A worthy and wonderful work.

You will love the feel of this beloved Sterling Silver Pendant.

The Lovebirds will give you the courage to find and stay with your true love. Take a chance and see what you can find!!!


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