Lightwalker Batik DGP48

$69.00 $108.00

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Colour: Turquoise Batik

These are utterly beautiful!  We created the Batik Fabric from natural fibres as we love to wear garments made from Natural materials.  This makes the Lightwalker Leggings super comfortable but also super strong!

The detail on the side is amazing and supportive.  We worked patiently to get the detail just right and these have to be the most beautiful Yoga Pants on the market!

We have included a wide waistband for comfort but also support.  Our Lotus Flower sits sweetly on the back of the waist band for your yogic pleasure.  Reminding us that new beginnings are just around the corner.

Please wash The Lightwalker Leggings in cold water and go gently on the washing cycle.  Line dry under the suns rays and these delights will last you very well.

Wear these with love and light and watch the world smile with you.



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