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Full Length Yoga Pants

Leggings Beautiful Full Length

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Our Leggings Beautiful were so popular and you all asked for a full length version so we listened and here it is!

Natural fibres and a wonderful cut combine to produce a pair of full length leggings that suit a strong practice or perfect for casual wear!


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We love our Leggings Beautiful and that is why we named them as such.  Such a beautiful and interesting pair of Yoga Leggings that suit all practices.

We have used our beloved Rayon Lycra that is sourced from wood pulp and a cotton mix.  This fabric is divine for yoga practice.  It sits against the skin and feels utterly comfortable and practical.

The draw string inside the waist band allows the wearer to decide just how loose or tight you like the pants to fit.  We know that there are days when you like your pants to feel loose and days that keeping them close is just the ticket!

The gather at the front is very flattering.  Just the right amount of gather to accentuate a womans body.  Surprising how flattering this detail is.

The full length version of these pants is so good!  We love the gather at the bottom of the leg, taking the hem line slightly away from the ankle and leaving a little room for air flow and beauty.

These pants wear very well and we know you will love them as much as we do once you have them on.

These pants are perfect for washing on a cold cycle in the machine but perfect for drying under the suns rays.  We do not recommend using a machine to dry these pants and machine driers are harsh on clothing and we dont want anything taking away from pants as wonderful as these!

Now is the time to try the Leggings Beautiful in full length

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