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Yoga Leggings

Leggings Beautiful

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These are new and totally divine from us at Divine Goddess. We absolutely love to practice yoga in the Leggings Beautiful. They do indeed live up to their name.

These pants are gathered at the front. This is very flattering! The v front waistband flatters the female form. Working with our shape not against it is our motto at Divine Goddess!! We have included a small tie on in the inside of the pants so you can keep them really tight if you feel to.


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Navy Blue

The hem finishes just below the knee and we have included another gather for a feature for you.  This makes the pants forgiving to the max!!  You will love the feeling and the stretch of the Leggings Beautiful.

We have made these pants from our wonderful rayon lycra.  This comes from the cotton plant and has excellent stretch and movement.  The colour has been hand dyed just for you and we love this shade of purple.  Divine, divine, divine!!

The lilac lotus flower on the hip reminds us that new beginnings are always just around the corner.  We all reach for the light when we can, as the lotus flower does.  Allow your yoga practice to help you make your way towards the light also.

Machine wash this darling pair of pants in the machine if you like but line dry please.  We dont love what the machine dryers do to our garments and nor will you.

Get onto the mat as soon as you receive these Leggings Beautiful and be ready to fly!!!

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