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Lakshmi Black Onyx Ohm Necklace

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Lakshmi is the Goddess of prosperity.  Lakshmi reminds us of the capacity we have, the opportunities we can create to live with abundance in all areas of our lives.  This abundance can manifest in the form of compassion, kindness and understanding, not just finances.  We like to be reminded that abundance of love and kindness is the best abundance that there is!!

24 ct Gold Vermeil over sterling silver pendant.  All pendants are hand made in the traditional wax method. 

The symbol ohm represents the vibration we make when we create the sound ohm.  Everyone can make this sound so everyone, all of us are able to heal ourselves from the inside out.  This is accessible magic for all people to live with.

Black Onyx is the stone of endurance.  It helps us towards positive decision making in challenging and difficult times.  Onyx can help us during times of pain and sorrow.  To help us aleviate the darkness. Onyx is also the stone that is positive in helping us to strengthen the bones in our body.

The necklace is 18" long.  This is a delicate and extremely beautiful piece.  This necklace will sit sweetly at the throat of the lucky goddess who finds herself wearing it!

Enjoy our stunning and creative jewellery.

0 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Perth

    Hi I live in Perth. If I order today when am I getting the necklace?

    By: noriko on | Was this helpful?   (42/43)
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