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Yoga Hotpants

Jumpback Jacqui Shorts

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Another divine design from Divine Goddess. Our Jumpback Jacqui Hotpants are a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. These hotpants are manufactured from cotton lycra. This is a natural fibre that allows the body to breathe. This makes these pants perfect for hot yoga and perfect for everyday life. A pair of shorts under a short dress has never looked better.


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The roll top waistband allows most shapes to shine and we love that!!  This roll top waistband is flattering and easy to wear.  Roll it over as much or as little as you like.  This is great and forgiving.  Sometimes we love to wear the waistband the whole way up and not roll it at all!  This is for those days when we would like our tummy to be covered and this works perfectly with the Jumpback Jacqui Hotpants.

The cotton lycra we use for these pants is light but strong.  It provides excellent stretch and we have chosen to offer in many colours of the rainbow.  Currently we are producing the Jumpback Jacqui Hotpants in Black, Purple, Ocean, Fushcia and Turquoise.  These colours are divine and will provide many hours and days of happy yoga practice.  We love to practice yoga and the choice of a GOOD pair of hotpants is not easy to find.

We have included a sweet lotus flower on the waist band.  This reminds us that like the Lotus Flower we rise towards the light.  Searching and practicing our way towards truth and an easy living in the light!  Join us as we practice yoga, or indeed any earthly pursuit in our Jumpback Jacqui Hotpants and feel the earth settle and our hearts shine.

What more could you ask from a pair of long standing hotpants.

Washing in the machine is fine but drying on the line is what we recommend.  We do not love the affects of clothes drying machines on our clothing.

Jumpback Jacqui Hotpants are named after our friend Jacqui.  She is a wonderful yoga practitioner with some of the best legs you will find on the mat.  Join her and see how she feels.

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