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Jessie Chapman - Beginners Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

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Jessie Chapman is a born and bred Byron Bay girl.  She has been a part of the Divine Goddess family for many years now.  We respect the sincerity and devotion that she brings to her yoga practice.

It is with delight that we find ourselves in a place to offer all of her yoga DVDs and books for your pleasure.

Beginners dynamic Vinyasa Yoga is the perfect place to begin.  Vinyasa means to flow from posture to posture with the breath.  The practice becomes, over time, with practice, a moving meditation.  This is a subtle difference to many other types of yoga but one that does indeed unlock the magic within all of us.

Jessie offers on this DVD two 30 minute practices.  They relax the mind and promote a deeper sense of inner peace.

Also, 4 x relaxation yoga sequences are offered to target stress, headaches and computer tension.  Light neck and shoulder pain will become a thing of the past.  There is a 5 minute guided lying down relaxation option also offered.

Jessie included detailed beginners introduction segments for all of the postures included in the video. 

All of Jessie's videos are filmed around Byron Bay.  This is not only a perfect accompaniment for a dedicated practitioner but also a beautiful reminder of the stunning area we find ourselves lucky enough to live in.

Try for yourself.  We commend Jessie on the work she does for yoga and the detail and dedicated professionalism she brings with it.

Enjoy your yoga, enjoy your life

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