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Heart Square Gold Studs

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Satya Jewellery bring to you the most delightful pair of Gold Plated Heart Studs. These are perfect for every day or for shining in the evening


Satya Jewellery manufacture the highest quality style of Jewellery we know.  They create the pieces using the age old wax method.  This means they make a wax mould of the piece they are creating, pour in the liquid metal and then when they take it out, they file and work on it by hand.  This means that EVERY piece of Satya Jewellery has been manufactured by hand.  Skilled artisans work long hours to bring all of us the highest quality and most divine jewellery that they can.

We adore the 24ct Gold they use to plate these pieces.  The Gold will remain in place if you choose not to swim or shower in the jewellery.  We love that this Golden coating can last if you take care of it.

The square shape is a new one for Satya Jewellery and we also LOVE the heart symbolism.  Why not feel your heart close to you.  Awaken the goodness within your heart with Satya Jewellery and Divine Goddess Yoga Products.  Is there a more magnificient reminder for yourselves.  Awaken the heart, breathe and go within.  Find that magical place that lies within all of us and share that light.

Satya Jewellery donate a percentage of the profits from all sales of their products to various childrens charities around the world.  We commend them and join them in helping underpriviledged children as they make their way into the world

LOVE xxx

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