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Yoga Hotpants

Have A Laugh Hotpants Supplex

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We bring to you our Have a Laugh Hotpants in the amazing fabric of Supplex! Quick drying and super beautiful. Perfect for Bikram, hot yoga and all other exercise pursuits. You can even use these for swimming!


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We adore our favourite Have a Laugh Hotpants.  These have been so popular so that of our beloved customers have requested them in various fabrics.  So taking this on board we have created a range of Supplex Have a Laugh Hotpants!

This is a wonderful fabric that has a quick dry nature!  These Have a Laugh Hotpants are perfect for BIKRAM yoga and all other hot yoga puruits.  This fabric dries so quickly that many of our customers are using them for swimming.  Imagine taking a brisk walk along the beach and then just jumping straight in after!  PERFECT! 

We love these and you are sure to also!

We have included our traditional pull tie on the side.  We know that there are days when we like our Have a Laugh Hotpants as wide as we can along the thigh and then there are days when we like to gather them up and create a little something more!

The waist band sits snugly against the body.  No bunching, no fussing, just good looking, wearabe and extremely durable exercise clothing!

The colours are wonderful and will last over time as long as you wash them in cold water.  We dont love using hot water washes on our clothing.  This shortens the life of any garment and that is the last thing we are thinking of for Divine Goddess clothing.

These Have a Laugh Hotpants are perfect for Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Gym work and all other hot and strong exercise pursuits. 

You will be amazed how much you love them and how light and easy they are to wear.  We have included our favourite lotsus flower on the bottom.   We burnt this into the fabric.  New technology for an age old symbol.  At Divine Goddess we love to mesh the old and the new.  Traditional and modern join forces to bring the best of what we have on offer.

Join us in the light and feel the difference.  Ready now whilst we still have stock

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