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Yoga Hotpants

Have A Laugh Hotpants

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We love the feeling of wearing hotpants in our yoga practice. It allows us a greater freedom of movement and the possibility of being honest on the mat!!

We also love the feeling of the natural fibres against our skin in these hotpants. Rayon lycra is sourced from the cotton plant and we know and understand just how important it is to wear a fabric that works in the practice! These hotpants will stand the test of time for sure!!


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The gather at the side allows the wearer to choose which way they would like to wear these hotpants.  That's why we called them the Have a Laugh Hotpants.  You will feel so happy and content you will want some in each and every colour!  You can wear them full length on the side for extra coverage or gathered for the funky feel of a happy practitioner!!  

We receive so many positive comments when we wear our Have a Laugh Hotpants.  We love them and so will you!

These hotpants will be suitable for most styles of yoga.  They love to join us in a strong practice or are just as at home on a walk on the beach at sunset.

We love the colours available in this style.  Black, Red and Purple are luscious, divine and rich in depth.  We hand dye each roll of fabric to ensure that all shades are as we like them and beautiful enough.  This means that the Divine Goddess shades are original and your very own.  How utterly delicious.

These hotpants will be comfortably washed in the machine but we ask that you dry them on the line, under the suns rays.  This will give a longer and happier life to your Have a Laugh Hotpants.

Love these half as much as we do and you will be happy!!

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