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Harmony Bracelet - Gold

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How we love harmony and peace and this bracelet combines our love of the both of them.

Gold Vermeil sparkles and shines in the light, just like us xx


What a simple yet stunning piece of art work from Ananda Soul Creations.  We adore the sensibility of this piece and the sweet adoration it creates.

Gold Vermeil is a thick and luscious coating of 24 ct Gold sitting over Sterling Silver.  We use a thick coating and if you take care and do not swim or shower in this piece the Golden coating will last extremely well.

The Peace Dove is an age old symbol that brings all of us a smile on our faces.  Which one of us does not want Peace to prevail in their own lives and in others also.  We tend to think that this bracelet can serve as a gentle reminder to all of us that Peace is there if we would like it to be. We need to work a little to make it happen and that is exactly why we love this bracelet.

Manufactured from Sterling Silver and a very high quality standard of workmanship is employed at Ananda Soul Creations.  We love their ethos of working with The Safe Childhood charity in Bali.  This charity saves children from living on the street and from poverty.  It also aims to end sex trafficking in Asia which is a wonderful and worthy cause to place funds towards.

The chain of this bracelet is worked on by skilled artisans by hand.  We love the feeling of this piece against the skin and feel sure you will too!

The Rose Quartz hand faceted bead that hangs from the clasp is a sparkle to the eye and a sparkle to the heart.  Rose Quartz is the stone of love and we cannot be happier to be reminded about that every time we wear the Harmony Bracelet!


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