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Satya Jewelery Necklaces

Gold Triple Mini Ohm Hamsa Carnelian

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Another stunning piece from Satya Jewelry.  Designed and manufactured by hand in New York City, we bring these pieces to you with love in our hearts.

Strung on a 24th Gold Vermeil 18" chain, this is a divine piece of jewellery.  Gold Vermeil is 24 kt Gold coated over sterling silver. 

The Carnelian stone is the stone of positive thought.  We are able to create everything we believe.  Carnelian reminds us that it is up to us to create positiivity within ourselves and those around us.  It also helps us to protect ourselves against fear and helps us to stabilise our energies.  Gemstones have been used through the ages to ward off negativity.  Carnelian is a powerful force to work in this way for us.

The Hamsa has also been used for centuries against negative energies.  It works simultaneously with the carnelian stone to create a brighter future for us.  Working together to rid ourselves of negative thoughts and actions.  The Hamsa is also a sacred gesture that symbolises the receiving of great blessings.  Wear this piece with love of oneself in mind.

The Ohm symbolises the universal sound.  All beings are able to create and maintain this vibration within.  It takes only a little practice and gentle reminding.  Wearing this ohm pendant will help you to create a quiet space within yourself to receive blessings and take some peace.

This jewelry we bring to you with abundance, gratitude and quiet awakening in mind.  We love well made products with a spiritual meaning.  A percentage of the profits from the necklace go towards chairities for underpriviledged children around the world. 

Simply divine

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