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Gold Peridot/jade Hamsa Star Of David Necklace

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This is a very simple yet stunning piece of jewelry.  Manufactured by hand by Satya Jewelry from New York City for you.

The chain of this necklace is 18" long.  To sit comfortably around the neck.  Manufactured from 24 kt Gold Vermeil.  This means the chain is coated with 24 kt Gold over the sterling silver.  This leaves a beautiful shine to the pieces.

The Jade pendant is hand cut and shaped as a teardrop.  Jade is the stone of dreams.  This enables the understanding of dreams.  This stone beams love, courage and wisdom.  It helps to reduce negativity and the increases the ability of the wearer to express themself.  Jade helps the body to heal itself and it strengthens the heart. 

Peridot is the stone of relationships.  This green stone helps the wearer to become more open and accepting in the pursuits of love and all types of friendships.  It is a happy stone and increases light and brightness to life.  Peridot is good for helping the kidneys, liver and for sufferers of asthma.

The Star of David is a symbol of deep faith.  When we wear the Star of David we are welcoming courage and hope into our life.  We can make the changes necessary to dance in the light but helpful reminders keep our faith increasing.

The Hamsa offers protection against negative forces.  The hand can stop unwelcome advances but at the same time receive spiritual blessings. 

This is an eye catching and symbolic piece of jewelry.  A percentage of the profits go to charities working with underpriviledged children around the world.

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