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Gold Ornate Hamsa Hoop Earrings

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Manufactured from 24 kt Gold Vermeil by hand with love.  These hoops are an everyday friend.  Simple in their energy and creative in the process.

Brought to you by Satya Jewelry from New York City.  The hoops sit sweetly whilst the Hamsa symbols denotes great faith and acceptance.  It is a timely reminder of the hand of faith, that accompanies all of us if we allow it to.  It is also through the hands that we accept great blessings.  Faith takes time and practice.  The Hamsa helps to protect us from negative energies.  This is an age old symbol that is like a great friend.  There to help us when we are feeling less than 100% and certainly there to celebrate with us when the times are feeling golden!

Enjoy these delightful earrings.  We are very happy to be associated with Satya Jewelry from New York City.  A percentage of the profits of each piece of jewelry is donated to numerous charities around the globe.

These Hamsa earrings awaken the understanding that we can protect ourselves and create goodness for ourself just in the belief we have.  We can do anything, and why shouldnt we?  We are much more than we can comprehend.

We are all a Divine Goddess!  Wear these earrings and remember just how wonderful you really are!!!

Divine work

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