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Satya Jewelery Necklaces

Gold Mini Lotus Necklace

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A simple and harmonising piece of jewellery from Satya Jewelry.  Based in the hubbing metropolis of New York City.  Designed and created by 2 beautiful women dedicated to producing quality and spiritual jewellery.

This pendant is manufactured by hand from 24 kt Gold Vermeil.  This is a work of art.  Subtle and yummy.  The chain is made from sterling silver with a healthy coat of 24ct Gold over the top.  Divine!

Satya Jewelry manufactures all pendants using the ancient wax mould method.  This allows the artisans to physically touch all the pieces before they arrive to you, the beloved customers.  What this means is that each piece is poured into a wax mould in its liquid metal state.  Once the metail has cooled the wax mould is opened and the jewellers hand file each piece to perfection.  So every piece of Satya Jewellery is worked on by hand before it arrives to everyone of us.  How we love the attention to detail here.

The Lotus Flower is a symbol of new beginnings.  It reminds us to reach for the light, leaving behind the murky depths of the pond.  Residing inthe light of true existance.

The chain on this pendant is 18" long.

Wear this with joy and happiness.

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