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Satya Jewelery Necklaces

Gold Ganesha Ohm Garnet Necklace

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Satya Jewelery is proudly brought to you by Divine Goddess.  We bring it to you from the designers in New York City.  Here, they work on these pieces by hand, with love and compassion.

This chain is created from 24 kt Gold Vermeil.  This means that a coating of 24 kt Gold is made over the sterling silver chain.  The chain is 18" long.  A divine piece.

The Ganesha pendant is weighty and worthy.  Ganesha is the god who removes the obstacles in our path to success.  He is the one we turn to when we cannot find our way past a problem.  Bring him into your life with awareness and help yourself to side step the potholes of life.  A hand crafted and loved pendant.  Created in the age old tradition of the wax method.  This allows the creators to monitor the quality and lustre of each piece before it makes it way to you.

Garnet is the stone of inner strength.  Use this stone as a reminder of the power you have inside yourself.  All it takes is a little practice to awaken this strength and then watch it grow and grow.  Simply divine.  When we awaken the possibility of inner strength the fire within us ignites and takes us places we only dreamed of.  It is achievable and possible if we choose to believe.  Garnet will work with Ganesha to awaken this belief and inner strength and fire.

The Ohm symbol represents the vibration that comes with the sound of ohm.  All beings are able to make the vibration when they create the sound of ohm.  The symbol of all universal forces.  The ohm is quiet and at the same time impressive in its possibilities.  Children, animals and all beings will reveberate from the symbol of ohm.  Wear it, use it, love it.

This necklace from Satya Jewelry is a sacred piece of spiritual wear.  Love to wear it, give it, receive it.  It is your if you choose now from Divine Goddess.

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