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Gold Citrine Lotus Post Earrings

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Citrine is the stone of Radiance and how we all love to shine! This is a beautiful hand cut and hand faceted stone for each earring. This means that each and every stone has been worked on by hand, embued with love and light!


We feel so happy and blessed to be able to work with Satya Jewellery and to share the delights of their hard work with you all.  Satya Jewellery manufacture the very best and highest of quality jewellery.  They describe it as jewellery "for the journey".  They create pieces that you are able to wear whilst on the path to self love and shared goodness of spirit and deeds.

These earrings have totally been made by hand and we love that in todays modern world.  This is not easy to come by so we applaud their hard work and high quality.

The Stone Citrine is indeed the stone of Radiance.  Share the light and the love when you wear these earrings.  This stone can also be known as the wealth or abundance stone.  Citrine can purify other crystals and stones which is amazing.  It can help us to increase self confidence and creativity.  It can also assist us in strengthening our intellect and memory capacity.  It provides energy and stimulates the kidneys.  It works well with the liver and our muscles.  This is a good stone for digestion.

The backs of these earrings are of a post nature so they sit well on the ear lobe, perfect for every day wear.

Satya Jewellery are a very conscious company and donate a proportion of all sales towards various childrens charities around the world.  We also love the fact that they help youths in the America to access yoga that would otherwise not be able to afford it.  What a worthy cause xx

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