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Full Length Yoga Pants

Goddess Pants Lotus

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The Divine Goddess, Goddess Pants are oneof our most beloved and popular styles. We love the feeling of them against our skin. They are supportive whilst still feeling soft and sweet with us. Just like a friend that can tell you the strong truths with heart and soul. Supportive whilst still being strict and dealing in the truth, not always easy to find!


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We have on offer a stunning selection of colours in these Goddess Pants.  Black is always easy and a pleasure to wear in this style of pants but we LOVE the deep purple and the combination with the purple lotus flower.  Chocolate is warm for winter and the Red Goddess Pants with our signature orange lotus flower are for those goddesses that like to move it!  We take the time and effort to hand dye all of our fabrics at Divine Goddess.  This is time consuming but allows our shades to be perfect and original!!

Luscious rollover pants.  Manufactured from rayon lycra.  This fabric is derived from the cotton plant.  It makes the fabric super soft and very supportive.  Moving freely with an excellent stretch factor.  The colour is rich and beautiful.  Jewel like colours combine with our Lotus Flower to make the Goddess Pants a very supportive and versatile pair of pants.

The rollover waistband is comfortable and holds the body well. We also enjoy to choose between rolling the waist band to its original position and support the tummy and hips or to keep it fully unrolled and give the tummy some support when we chose to.  Perfect for the changing shape of all women.

A Lotus Flower on the leg symbolises new beginnings.  In yoga and life.  The lotus flower rises from the murky depths of the pond, toward the light. Colours combined with the jewel like fabric make these so stunning and beautiful.  We feel happy and positive when we wear these pants. Peope smile at us and we cannot blame them.

Fully machine washable and durable.  These pants will suit most yoga practices  Very attractive for casual wear.

You will probably keep them on all day after class, who would want to take them off, not us!!

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