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3/4 Length Yoga Pants

Goddess Pants 3/4 Lotus

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We love to wear Divine Goddess Goddess Pants and so will you once you try them on. These are some of our most forgiving pants and its easy to see why.

The roll over waist band allows the body to move and feel supported whilst having the sensation of being tucked in. On those cold or squishy mornings you can choose to keep the waist band at full length and enjoy the extra warmth and support. Divine work indeed.


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We manufacture each and every roll of fabric we use for our Divine Goddess Yoga Clothing to our exact specifications.  We know that the fabric is one of the most important factors in guaranteeing wonderful and form fitting yoga pants.  We try and test out each item before they join our Divine Goddess family so we feel sure that these pants will work for all of us.

We are offering the Goddess 3/4 Pants with Lotus in Black and Deep Purple.  We hope you love these colours as much as we do.  Choose one and you will be back for the second pair before you know it!!

We hand dye all of our fabric so the colour purple is deep and delicious.  Especially for you our beloved customers.

The lotus flower that sits on the left leg reminds us that all possibilities are within us.  As we reach towards a life filled with light and truth the lotus flower also reaches for the light.  A little work, out of the mud of confusion and we both attain the desired goal.  A happy life filled with yoga and compassion.

We recommend washing these pants in the machine but feel that hanging them on the line is the best thing for them.  We believe that machine dryers shorten the life of a pair of pants.  Dont let that happen with these beauties.

Suitable for most styles of yoga and nearly all other exercise types.

Love these once they arrive to you, we do!!!

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