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3/4 Length Yoga Pants

Frill Me Pants

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These are very beautiful and simple pants to wear and feel wonderful in. We adore the Frill Me Pants and so will you xx


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Mushroom Grey

A very beautiful addition to the Divine Goddess family.  We love the feel and appreciate the look of these wonderful yoga pants.

Manufactured from the softest of soft rayon lycra.  These pants are flattering and are perfect for class or really wonderful with a simple top for a day out on the town.

The roll over waistband is always good.  Keep it rolled over wide if you are feeling free with your tummy or roll it over just a little if you feel to stay more covered.  Some of our customers dont even roll it over at all and provide for themselves a warmer or more supported torso.  Choose for yourself.

The detail on the leg is divine.  We have created a frill that is simple and stunning.  These pants will suit most shapes of women.  The frill detail works so sweetly with the ankle of the goddess.  Creating a line that works and looks so fine.

The button opening stays closed.  Just looking gorgeous and feeling free.  We have stitched detail into the legs so look for yourself and see what you think.

We like to wear these pants as often as we can as they are beautiful and functional.  Divine and delightful, you will love them too.

Wash in the machine if you like but please do not dry in the machine dryer.  We feel that these machines shorten the life of our clothing and no one is happy then.

Love these pants, let them frill you.  They have been frilling us for ages, ever since we first tried them on.


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